Duct Cleaning

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Regular furnace tune-ups & Cleaning should be an essential item on your home maintenance checklist. Top Line Maintenance specializes in furnace cleaning to make sure your heating system is ready to go…whenever you need it!

Did You Know?

Having your air duct system cleaned by our professional cleaning technicians does more than save you money on your monthly energy bills, it also improves the quality of air that recalculates in your home, condo, office, school, hospital, hotel and workplace. Dirty air duct systems have been found to vastly contribute to an unhealthy indoor environment and aggravate or create health problems that could easily be reduced and alleviated through regular cleanings of your existing air duct systems.

The following 10 examples are the most common indicators to our customers need for a complete and thorough Duct system Cleaning:

1) Visible accumulation of dirt, dust and debris inside the floor registers or vents in your rooms.
2) Prior to occupancy of a newly constructed house.
3) After an interior renovation or remodelling project within the home has been completed.
4) Smokers in the household.
5) If you have pets that shed high amounts of hair and dander.
6) If you have any occupants with allergies and/or asthma.
7) After a disaster clean-up, such as fire, flood or water damage to the home or HVAC system.
8) If you detect a "damp or musty" odour from the ductwork or within the home environment.
9) If you experience burning sensations in the, nose or eyes, dray throat, headaches or nausea inside your home.
10) Do you see excessive dust accumulation on your furniture and hardwood floor?

Home owners often ask us if duct cleaning would reduce the amount of time they spend cleaning their home. The answer is YES. Studies have shown the average home accumulates 40lbs of dust every year. So where does this dust do? Well a good portion is circulating through your ducts. How it works: return ducting (large vents in your home) is pulling air in like vacuum into the furnace equipment and then air is pushed back out thru the ducts forcing air out supply vents. You can now see whenever heating or cooling you home, you are recycling dust, germs, among other airborne contaminates. Using computerized particulate counters we understand the magnitude of the problem and how to deal whit it. We are highly trained technicians. We have truck powered equipment and years of experience. This has given us a wide range of techniques and procedures!

We do the work when it’s convenient for you! You’ll receive a personal phone call to confirm your appointment and service, followed by an accurate appointment time. Our courteous team of experts will treat your home and schedule with respect, arriving on time, Plus, Top Line never charges service, environmental, access or disposal fees. For an even more convenient service experience; have your system cleaned in the summer or winter.